Rebecca Porteous

Rebecca Porteous
I have been practising yoga since 1992 and teaching since 1997. In 2001 I completed a two-year teacher-training in London with Mary Stewart. Since then I have been based in Cairo, Egypt, where I teach classes and individuals of all ages and abilities, specializing in yoga for trauma survivors.
As well as Mary, my main influences have been my teacher Catherine James and my training in the Trager® Approach. I was drawn to Trager by the many similarities between its approach to bodywork and yoga as I teach it. I am also a qualified homeopath (MLC Hom).
More recently, my life and yoga practice have been transformed by the experience of living through the Egyptian uprising and the subsequent years of political violence and instability. My practice and teaching have expolored new dimensions through recent trainings with Bessel van der Kolk and David Emerson in Trauma Sensitive Yoga, and Leslie Kaminoff’s transformative online course on the Principles of Yoga Anatomy.

I teach gentle but deep yoga, where every student goes at his or her own pace, with plenty of individual attention. My teaching is inspired by that of Vanda Scaravelli and developed through years of encountering both rewards and challenges in teaching and working on my personal yoga practice.

The emphasis in this approach to yoga on gravity, breath and movement, and how these affect the spine, allows for the body to move with new awareness from a revitalised core. It is also an approach that encourages students to listen to and trust what their bodies have to tell them; to work with what they find, rather than passively to take on teachings wholesale from me, the teacher.

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