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Tony Parsons

My first Yoga teacher, in 1988, was Dallas White (British Wheel), Between 1992 and 1998 Iyengar and ViniYoga gave me the breathing techniques and body awareness I needed to improve my London marathon time. In 2001, I was lucky to be introduced to Vanda Scaravelli’s approach by Mary Addison, and, from 2003, by Ed Fellows. I also attended occasional workshops with Chloe Fremantle and Peter Blackaby, and was able to join monthly classes with Sophy Hoare.
Since 2006, I have been priviledged to join Sophy’s weekly class, and enjoy regular workshops with Diane Long, and occasional ones with Sandra Sabatini, Monica Voss and John Stirk. All of these wonderful teachers were taught by Vanda, and have deepened my understanding of her spirit.

I have a BTEC Professional Diploma in Teaching Scaravelli-inspired Yoga led by Rosamunde Jordan and Marilyn Freedman, and also an ITEC level 3 with Distinction in Anatomy & Physiology. I also have a current Certificate in Community First Aid from St. John’s Ambulance. I am a member of the Independent Yoga Network (Yoga Register), and am insured through them by Bordengate. I am also a member of the Association of Independent Yoga Practitioners, and the Register of Exercise Professionals.
Biography & Interests

In 2001, doing some strenuous forward bends caused a lesion in my sacro-iliac joint, and I was lucky to find Mary Addison, a pupil of Sophy Hoare, who introduced me to Vanda Scaravelli’s approach. From 2003 Ed Fellows, who had also suffered a severe back problem, Sophy Hoare, and Diane Long, have continued my 'Scaravelli treatment'.

From March to July 2009, I was teaching five classes on two days per week at Milestone Special College, Ash, Kent. This developed my interest in the benefits of Yoga for those with special needs, and children. In addition to small classes in Redhill and Reigate, I also give private lessons throughout Surrey (especially for back and joint problems), and run retreats in Nerja, on the boundary of the Almijara Mountains and the Costa Del Sol.

Teaching & Classes
Tony Parsons teaches Yoga in the tension-free style inspired by Vanda Scaravelli, using gravity and the breath to rediscover and rejuvenate your back and joints. The practice is a continuous exploration of the relationship between parts of the body, the ground and the space around us. It is about finding a wholeness of movement, coming from the spine, through the joints and bringing us back to the spine. We develop awareness so that we can feel more, impose less, and allow the intelligence of the body to reveal itself. Emphasis is not on achieving postures but using the breath to release tension. Undoing the grip of the big surface muscles invites core muscles to gradually assume deeper, more subtle control.

He runs small daytime classes at the Ellis Martial Arts studio in Redhill and the Like2Fight studio in Watercolour Merstham, and evening classes in Methodist and St.Matthew's Halls, Redhill and the Yoga Ananda centre in Reigate. Classes are open to all levels of experience and emphasise individual attention.

A typical lesson plan might be:
• centring while lying in Constructive Rest
• arm and leg movements, gentle backbends
• standing positions, connecting breath with energy
• breath with asanas and movement: Sun Salutations
• gentle, assisted inversions and spirals
• sitting or kneeling, Kapalabhati and Pranayama
• deep relaxation in Savasana

Inspired by Sophy Hoare’s and Diane Long’s wonderful teaching, Tony is a naturally sympathetic teacher, and prefers to take an individual approach with students.
01737 789112
07927 804161
Redhill, Surrey, RH1 2BN