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Alex Ferrari
01903 243711
07973 321 822
07967 345566
Anna Wolfenden
I have practiced for 30 years and taught for 14 years. I have explored and practised and studied many aspects of yoga but always return to the ideas and inspiration of
Vanda Scaravelli.

07725 235108
Regular yoga classes are held in Kilburn NW6. At present, there are spaces in the tuesday morning class 9.30 - 11.20am and evening class 7 - 8.50pm.
These are mixed ability classes and are restricted to 12 pupils.

For more information, private classes, Pilates and training, please go to my website www.pilatesyoga.com
Annie Cahill-Silverman
Annie completed her intensive yoga training course with Mary Stewart and Chloe Freemantle in 1997.

Annie is a member of the ‘Association of Independent Yoga Practitioners’ (AIYP).

Annie’s yoga is inspired by Vanda Scaravelli, who died a few years ago. Her book "Awakening the Spine" is still in print, and worth reading. Vanda studied with the spiritual teacher Krishnamurti, and with yoga teachers Desikachar and B K S Iyengar. It was Vanda who went on to teach Annie’s teachers Mary Stewart and Chloe Freemantle.
01494 676090
07816 045624
Aude Hérail Jäger
Aude HÉRAIL JÄGER’s is an artist and has been teaching Yoga for fifteen years. Both activities seem to concurrently research into what lies beneath the surface.

Yoga classes focus on shedding tension from the body using gravity, a calm mind and breath. The approach to simple and more complex postures relies on the body’s natural intelligence, its elasticity and fluidity.

Creativity and transformation are key.
Belinda Shattock
Belinda started teaching in the early 1980's following a teacher training course with Mary Stewart and after receiving an Iyengar yoga teacher certificate. She has taught mostly in London and assisted Mary Stewart with the YTTC and on the London Teacher training group with Chloe Fremantle and Anne-Marie Zulkahari. Her yoga has been directly influenced by the methods of BKS Iyengar, Mary Stewart, Vanda Scaravelli, Sandra Sabatini, Desikachar and others and by the London group of teachers she practices with. Her weekly classes are for the over 50's and consist of small groups of 5
020 7243 6886
07790 555 060
Bill Wood
After a few years of practising mainly Sivananda Yoga in the early 1990s I did their teacher training course in 1994, and then completed the Yoga Therapy training with the Yoga Biomedical Trust in 1996. It was also that year that I first met Diane Long who has been the main inspiration behind my practice and my teaching ever since.
07765 296 008
Bridget Thornborrow
I trained with Chloe Fremantle and Anne-Marie Zulkahari on the two year London YTTC, qualifying in December 2008. The course is BWY accredited and carries BWY insurance.

Tutors on the course included Giovanni Felicioni, with whom I continue to study, Peter Blackaby, Neville Cregan, Catherine James, Belinda Shattock and Lisa McRory.

Current influences are Chloe Fremantle, Giovanni Felicioni and the work of Hubert Godard.

My aim is to adapt the yoga to the individual rather than the other way round so that we can learn to inhabit our bodies more intelligently.

I teach both beginners and more advanced students in small groups and also offer one to one sessions.
07802 166594
My teaching is inspired by the much-needed calm and clarity that I find in my yoga and meditation practice.

I am a British Wheel of Yoga qualified teacher and have been teaching since 2001. I teach weekly classes, workshops and courses in Brighton, as well as on courses and retreats in London and Scotland. I am an associate director of the London Yoga Teacher Training Group's 2013-15 yoga teacher training course.

My approach to yoga is based on the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli, and I have worked for many years with teachers including Peter Blackaby, Chloe Fremantle and Dominique Moorsom. My teaching has also been inspired by TKV Desikachar and teachers working in his tradition, in particular Sarah Ryan.

01273 386403
07900 906344